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Looking to spruce up the plain dull concrete in your residential or commercial property in Norfolk, VA? Then, get creative with your choice of flooring. Try something different and install a decorative concrete floor. Norfolk Decorative Concrete contractors such as us specialize in a variety of applications and styles that are sure to amplify the appearance of your home or business.

We make use of a process that infuses different applications in order to convert poured grayish concrete into a more beautiful and vibrant surface.

Some different styles of decorative concrete services include:

Decorative Concrete Applications & Styles

Concrete Overlays

Have a functional concrete floor but it has a lot of unsightly blemishes (chips, cracks, etc.)? Then your floor might be a good candidate for a concrete overlay. What are overlays? A mix of cement and polymer that bond together to be applied topically to concrete floors.

Concrete overlays can also be styled accordingly. They are best suited to wet places or other high areas.

Have a functional slab of cement? Need something to spruce it up? Then, why not try the acid staining technique. Acid staining is a good option when you already have set concrete laid on your floor.

With the staining method, the acid gets etched onto the floor then forms a reaction with the lime in the concrete to stain it into any color of your choice. The process of staining also helps give the concrete a marble look. Hence, you get a very attractive floor that can be sealed with acrylics, epoxy or urethane.

Thinking of changing the look of your garage or utility room? Then epoxy coatings is the way to go. This is a pretty popular option for rooms that receive a lot of use e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and commercial rooms.

At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we use solid colors that are strong, stain-resistant, and can be easily cleaned. We also provide you with the option of choosing reflective enhancers mixed in with epoxy resin. This option gives the floor a 3D look and keeps it strong.

With concrete grinding, we take diamond plate machines and use them to grind off the thin layer of concrete floors. The reason for this is to give the surface a fresh look. Concrete grinding needs to be done before applying epoxy, overlay, urethane and acid stains.

Want to boost the appeal of your residential property with the help of a low-maintenance yet durable surface in Norfolk, VA? Then, why not try decorative concrete. We can help create a custom look for your home or apartment with stained or stamped concrete. We make use of cost-effective yet resilient materials to achieve the look you want.

This is a process in which poured concrete is left for a period until it is stiff enough for a design to be stamped upon it. The period in-between softness and hardness is necessary so that a strong impression can be left on the concrete. The different types of impressions we make use of can enhance the surface to look like cobblestone, brick, wood, shale, stone, etc. We can also color the stamped concrete in line with the customers specifications.

The method of concrete polishing is also similar to concrete grinding. Instead of using a diamond plate machine to grind off a thin layer from the concrete like in the case of concrete grinding, the diamond plate machine is used numerous times until a smooth surface is gotten. Although concrete polishing is time consuming, it delivers beautiful results.

Commercial Concrete

By calling us at Norfolk Decorative Concrete, you do not have to worry about getting an appealing surface for your business. We offer local businesses many solutions when it comes to getting a concrete surface. We can work on patios, walkaways, driveways.

Norfolk VA Residential, Commercial & Industrial Concrete Specialists

At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we offer quality industrial, residential and commercial concrete services among other concrete contractors in the area. We specialize in tower and tank foundations, as well as sidewalks and ADA compliant ramps. Our residential and commercial clients enjoy top-notch stained and stamped concrete work, with a variety of colors and a choice of finishes.

We also utilize cutting edge Virginia concrete techniques and Norfolk VA ADA certified products to get the best results. Our work ethic ensures that we do not cut corners or costs in all our projects. Contact us today. We have been in the business of providing high-quality results and delivering the best concrete services throughout the Norfolk area and neighboring Virginia cities for years.

  • Assured Premium Quality of Work – Always
  • The Best Customer Service in Norfolk, Virginia Beach
  • Meet experienced professionals who know their decorative concrete
  • ADA Design Service
  • Work with Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Qualified in Building ADA Barriers and Compliant Ramps among others

Concrete can be more than just a flat, dull-grey surface. It has the potential to be more with a host of applications available. Thanks to stamped, stained and sealed concrete, the options for decorations are limitless.

Discover all the information and options that are available for your Norfolk property today by reaching out to us.

Why not decorative concrete? Not only is it durable but it also helps to add an aesthetic feel to your property. The best pro out of the available ones is the fact that it is also cheap compared to the other construction materials. Get your money’s worth with decorative concrete by giving us a call.

When seeking for a Norfolk Decorative Concrete contractor, make sure you get someone that can explain all the options available for your project. With us, you do not need to ask before we go about explaining all the details to you. We let you own the best options and provide our opinion on whether your design choice works for the project.

If you are looking for Norfolk Concrete Specialists, then please call (757) 241-6189 or complete our online request form.

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