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Stamped Concrete

Our stamped concrete work will fit in well with your needs and budget.

As property owners, we make decisions for the property all the time. Sometimes, these decisions are made based off functionality or a need for something aesthetically pleasing. So, if you find yourself confused at which decorative floor option available offers functionality and a beautiful finish, then why not try stamped concrete?

At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we are experts at working in residential, industrial and commercial properties. Our concrete services are varied. Whether it involves working with residential or industrial stamped concrete, our professional team can produce some of the finest works you have ever come across in the Virginia area.

Ever walked through Norfolk and wondered who designed and installed the beautiful sidewalks? Well, look no further than us. With a variety of stamp choices and colors available, we can design and stamp concrete to fit in well with your needs.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Here, a concrete mix made from cement, sand and rocks is applied to a surface (or epoxy flooring) until it is almost stiff. A design is then stamped on it so that when the concrete hardens, it remains imprinted. Different impressions reminiscent of brick, stone, shale, wood, etc. can be applied. There is no restriction for the type of colors to be used as well.

Qualified Concrete Contractors

Looking for a team of experienced and skilled stamped concrete contractors, well, why not trust us at Norfolk Decorative Concrete with your needs? We have been in the decorative concrete business for a number of years and in the process have amassed knowledge and honed our skills to take care of all the needs of our clients.

Our process of stamping concrete is hassle-free. Our primary focus when stamping is to ensure that we are using the best workers, best tools and best materials to get the best results. Therefore, in terms of trust, and great work, one thing you can definitely say about us and most of our clients can attest to is that we are the best.

Great Work

In most homes and businesses, a terraced stairway or a stamped floor stands out just as well as the decoration. Stamped concrete can also be a prominent feature in the entry way of your home and business. So, why not let us improve the curb appeal of your property?

At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we can guarantee customer satisfaction. Our stamped concrete works are so great that they last whether used on a full-time or temporary structure. Afterall, we want our clients to call us for expansion projects and not repairs.

Contact Us

We are always careful and proactive in all our dealings with clients. All our work is done to the strictest of standards to ensure we meet functional requirements and also the customer’s needs. If you need a stamped concrete specialist in Norfolk, VA, then please give us a call on (757) 241-6189 or complete our online request form. With our help, the appeal of your property is sure to increase.

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