Stained Concrete Norfolk

Stained Concrete

Still of the opinion that stained concrete is just for the exterior of a home? Our Norfolk Decorative Concrete Contractors will make you have a rethink.

Once confined to the category of boring, cold and industrial looking floor coverings, now concrete has undergone a major change. It can be applied in various ways and enhanced to give off an aesthetic appeal to any environment. Such an example is evident with the application of stained concrete to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Now, you can easily make your home interior inviting, warm and elegant all at the same time thanks to beautiful stained concrete floors. At Norfolk Decorative Concrete Contractors, we rely on our years of experience and constant innovations in the construction industry to give your home the luxurious feel you require with the application of stained concrete.

Why Stained Concrete?

There are various ways stained concrete can be applied to your home. Two of the methods we offer include:

Concrete Dyes

With stained concrete your floor can easily achieve a woody or rustic look. Different water-based dyes and acetones can be used to color the floor. The dyes are able to penetrate the concrete easily and fill its pores and this brings about a more precise and consistent color across the floor.

Acid Staining

Our acid staining method requires the use of a special chemical. We apply the stain using a brush or sprayer and once the solution hits the surface of the concrete, the acid stain starts a reaction with the particles of the concrete. This reaction results in a more permanent floor color that is resistant to chipping and fading.

Benefits of stained concrete

Some of the perks of stained concrete include:

  • Its versatility
  • The easy maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Economical
  • Well suited to most environments

Our Concrete Staining Services

At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we provide the following with our concrete staining and concrete stamping service:

  • Concrete Floor Polishing
  • Concrete Resurfacing and Grinding
  • Decorative Coatings for Concrete
  • Restoration of Worn and Damage Concrete Slabs
  • Concrete Sealing and Stained Concrete Overlays
  • Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Coating

Professional Service

When you hire Norfolk Decorative Concrete Contractors for your stained concrete masterpiece, our primary focus is to ensure you are presented with an amazing yet unique floor that protects your property and serves as good eye candy. With our expertise, we protect all objects that are likely to get damaged during the staining process. Our team are trained in the latest industry standards and safety practices in the application of acid for staining.

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Whether you want to pour new concrete on your floors or refresh the appearance of the old ones, you are bound to reap the rewards of stained concrete in reasonable time when you choose Norfolk Decorative Concrete Contractors. We are a leading concrete polishing and staining contractor with broad experience that covers residential floor coatings and industrial applications. In our years of service, we have provided consistent quality work and outstanding service and results for our clients so call us today on (757) 241-6189

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