Concrete Resurfacing

Create a safer space for yourself with resurfaced floors

Are the floors in your home, restaurant, or office starting to chip, crack or lose their protective coating? Then, we at Norfolk Decorative Concrete can help restore your floors and make them safe and beautiful again by installing a new layer of coating. It is only expected that after years of use, concrete starts to undergo wear and tear and maintenance work needs to be done on it.

Depending on the location of the concrete, it is also evident that specialized forms of coating will be needed so that the floor can withstand any foot traffic or machinery placed on it. Our team of experts will ensure that the best coating for your needs is employed.

Concrete Resurfacing

Here is the thing, concrete has a mind of its own and as such, there are several reasons why you would have issues with it over time. Chemical spills, acids, spalling, abrasion, cracking, joint damage and structural slab movements are some of the things you need to worry about when dealing with concrete. But, there is no cause for alarm because we have the right fix for you. The process of replacing or coating concrete can be tiring especially if you decide to do it yourself, so consider talking to highly skilled professionals like us at Norfolk Decorative Concrete.

Get Professional Service

Concrete is one of the most durable floor materials but unfortunately, it does not last forever. It is only practical that it should need repairs over time. In search of a company that can help complete patchwork concrete, apply overcoats or better still revamp old concrete surfaces in the Norfolk, VA area? Choose Norfolk Decorative Concrete to repair, resurface, stamped or stained your concrete.

Commercial, residential or industrial property in Norfolk, VA? We have that covered. With our experts, we can provide the skill needed to resurface your concrete surface seamlessly. Hire us if you need the right face-lift for your property.

Our resurfacing services can turn the current look of your concrete by:

  • Filling in cracks
  • Repairing edges
  • Rebuilding corners

Are you aware that many industrial and commercial facilities are required by law to have a protective floor coating? If your coating is already wearing off, then you definitely need resurfacing done especially if you have a business with:

  • Walkways
  • Areas that are often wet
  • Dispatch areas
  • Areas of heavy foot traffic
  • Areas with heavy equipment

With a high level of attention to the smallest details, you can trust us to fix your concrete fixtures. You will be pleasantly surprised at our level of skill.

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Norfolk Decorative Concrete has been servicing the Norfolk, VA area for a while now. We are experienced in providing efficient and effective floor resurfacing services. Our resurfacing job will leave your floor protected from foot traffic, stressors and much more.

Call us at (757) 241-6189 or fill our online request form to schedule an appointment with us at Norfolk Decorative Concrete to get started. We offer you quality floor resurfacing services.

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