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At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we provide a wide array of comprehensive decorative concrete services. Our top-quality customer service and high standards of workmanship constantly emphasizes our dedication to delivering the best products and optimum output. With our expertise in concrete, we understand that no two properties and property owners are the same and as such, we strive to offer custom-made solutions suitable for residential, commercial and industrial areas.

The scope and size of the project we are working on does not hamper our commitment to delivering the best custom concrete service we can. It also does not interfere with our drive to constantly and consistently hone our skills on the latest industry standards. When it comes to your concrete needs, you can definitely trust us to provide expert knowledge.

Why Polished Concrete?

Need a desirable or refined look for your commercial or residential resurfacing on your space? Then try polished concrete. A smoothly polished floor not only provides great shine to your home but it is also easier to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

For those who do not know, a pitted concrete floor is susceptible to mold mildew and bacteria. Do not compromise your health as well as the sanitation and appearance of your home by leaving it to look that way for long. We at Norfolk Decorative Concrete help to polish concrete floors and surface to erase imperfection, restore the condition of concrete floors to their original state and eliminate stains.

With polished concrete, you can easily improve the aesthetic appeal of the interior of your property and also its value. Polished concrete can get your flor gleaming like marbles without actually spending big on installation of marble tiles. So, when it comes to your polished concrete needs either for your patios, pool decks etc, you can rely on us at Norfolk Decorative Concrete to meet all your requirements.

Professional Service

At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we can help you define the type of look you want by:

  • Carefully buffing the concrete surface with the help of top of the line equipment.
  • Evening and smothering of rough edges.
  • Applying a special sealant or coating to optimize the shine level and protect the floors.

Thanks to our cost-effective and professional concrete polishing services, we will give your concrete floor the look you have always envisioned for it. We can help provide sealers, protective lithium and densifiers to ensure the beautiful hues remain even after the polishing.

Contact Us

Hire us at Norfolk Decorative Concrete and be assured of quality work. Over the years, we have established a reputation for ourselves based on our attentive customer care and skilled craftmanship. With us, our customers can be confident in getting the type of polished concrete work they want.

Apart from polishing concrete, we also offer stamped and stained concrete services. Make sure you get in touch with our expert service providers today. We serve the Norfolk, VA area. Schedule a consultation today by calling (757) 241-6189 and work hand in hand with an experienced contractor.

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