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At Norfolk Decorative Concrete, we are experts in a variety of concrete applications. If you need concrete stamping, concrete staining, concrete polishing or resurfacing, then we are your go-to professionals. We do not turn down jobs as we are capable of working on different applications of concrete in whatever environment.

From paved walkways, driveways to garages and industrial warehouses, we can do it all. You can always rely on us when it comes to an aesthetically pleasing yet safe job.

Our Services include:

Damaged concrete endangering your safety and creating an unappealing look for your property? Well, no need to tear it all up and replace it. With resurfacing, you can quickly spruce up your existing pool deck, patio, floor or driveway thanks to polymer-based concrete.

Polymer-based concrete overlays can be applied in a variety of ways from thin to thick inches. They easily adhere to existing concrete surfaces and can resist damage from chemicals, moisture, abrasion and UV exposure. Once the resurfacing has been applied, the concrete can be colored to achieve the desired pattern or look.

Concrete stains can easily penetrate the pores of existing surfaces. The stains help create an uneven and translucent color effect that enhances the look of concrete. The result you get from staining concrete cannot be replicated due to its unpredictable nature.

Unlike other concrete floor applications, staining helps achieve a much more profound and permanent impression. We also make use of clear sealers to protect the stains from UV rays and also highlight the varied effects of the acid on the concrete.

Garage floor coatings of different variants exist on the market. We have the epoxy coating which provides a glossy finish to any standard color. The other layers we offer include the quartz and colored flake system which provides total protection from the flake.

All our coatings offer flexibility, abrasion resistance, and UV protection. They also do not possess volatile compounds that are harmful to the health of property owners and pedestrians. Each of these coatings is solid, antibacterial, and great for locker rooms, garages, and dog kennels.

Tired of looking at old, dull and grayish looking concrete? Now might be the time to consider adding a bit of character to your concrete. Thanks to new stamping methods that provide an avenue for concrete to appear similar to materials such as tiles, blocks, marble, property owners are able to improve the curb appeal of their properties.

Concrete stamping does not require much just half-wet concrete, a stamp pattern, and different coloring materials.

Is your concrete already starting to look worn out or like a hoarder of bacteria and germs? Then it is time to get concrete polishing services done by Norfolk Decorative Concrete Contractors. Your work and home environment need to be healthy and aesthetically pleasing, and with the right contractors on the job, you are on your way to attaining that.

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