Garage Floor Coatings Norfolk

The Concept

When you think of concrete floors, the first thing that comes to mind is gray and drab garages. However, what you don’t know is that concrete can be aesthetically pleasing when coated. With garage floor coating installed by Norfolk Decorative Concrete Contractors, dander and dust mites cannot build up and this makes it easier for allergy sufferers.

Also, concrete is relatively cheap when you compare it to other flooring types. Therefore, it only makes sense that the maintenance needed should cost little. Garage floor coatings can also address a range of other issues thanks to characteristics such as:

  • Ease of installation – Garage floor coatings can be applied on several surfaces from wood, vinyl, tile wood and especially concrete.
  • Easy maintenance – Most floor coatings especially epoxy is non-porous. What this means is that mold and dirt cannot stain them. Overspray and spills can easily be cleaned with mop or water and soap.
  • Very durable – Durable floor coatings can withstand weight from heavy equipment. So, if you apply it to garages then you do not have to worry about your floors getting affected by the weight.
  • Great visual appeal – Imagine having visitors over at your garage and the dirty floor is the first thing they notice. With floor coatings, you can easily upgrade the look of your garage.
  • Guaranteed safety – Worried about oil spills causing slips in your garage? With the help of floor coatings, these hazards are reduced to a minimum.

The Execution

Staining, polishing and even applying coatings to the floor of your garage can be a difficult task to take up by yourself. Luckily for you, we at Norfolk Decorative Concrete are here to take the burden off you. We stain, polish and coat garage floors in the Norfolk, VA area for an affordable price. Garage floor coatings are definitely a worthy investment you should be considering, that is, if they are done by the right person.

We offer our clients various options when it comes to finish a polished concrete floor and they are all cost effective and will be beautifully done by our expert team. From your already existing foundation, we can create beautiful floors or set about setting a totally new foundation for a new concrete detail to get a more balanced look.

The Plan

So, whether you find yourself building an entirely new home or you need to coat your garage floor, Norfolk Decorative Concrete should be your choice of contractors in the Norfolk, VA area. We know what to do to ensure your floors are gleaming. Regardless of the size or footage of the property involved, our work will always be beyond reproach.

With a team of professionals, what is there to worry about? The next step is to get a quote today.

Contact Us

Need the best when it comes to working with concrete? Then, get in touch with us. With several years working with concrete for various industries, we at Norfolk Decorative Concrete have what it takes to get your garage looking brand new. Call us today on (757) 241-6189 or fill our online request form.

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